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The Highest Level Services on Every Project

Wallcovering projects come in every shape and size, a fact that Jincy knows well. Big or small, she tackles each job with the same amount of professionalism and passion that her clients rightfully deserve.

Wallcovering Preparation

Every successful wallcovering installer begins each project with a meticulous preparation of the walls. From wallpaper removal and repair we perform whatever tasks are necessary to get the project done properly and professionally. Jincy’s experience as a professional wallcovering installer will surpass your expectations.

Wallcovering Installation

Since its inception, Jincy’s Wallcovering Services has ensured the most professional wallcovering installation services available in the industry on every single project. We never leave anything to chance, refuse to cut any corners, and do our very best work every single time. Our results always speak for themselves.

Variety of Wallcoverings

Professional wallcovering installation services should never come with any kind of limitation. This is especially true as it relates to the types of wallcoverings that are available for each project. Jincy works with classic and modern wallcoverings from bamboo and grasscloth to “green” solutions and digital murals, and everything in-between.

Wallcovering materials
We Specialize in Residential Projects

By specializing in residential properties, we can provide you with the laser-focused, passionate dedication that your project deserves, regardless of its complexity or size. We want to make your home express your unique personality and taste.

We Work Closely with Clients

Jincy believes that working closely with a client on any given project will make the entire process go more smoothly for everyone involved. We go to great lengths to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with step-by-step details of how the project will unfold. We will tackle any concerns or special requests you may have, as well.

We Handle Jobs of All Sizes

Jincy has worked with multiple homeowners on projects ranging from single-room wallpaper hangings to multi-room wallcovering designs. The same goes for the complexity of a design or the material being used.

Wallcovering Repair

Along with wallcovering installation, Jincy can also help with wallcovering repairs. Jincy can make repairs to damaged wallcoverings and restore their appearance to like new condition.

Wall Covering Repair
Wall Covering Repair

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Jincy’s Wallcovering Services takes great pride in providing the best wallcovering installation services in the industry. We are always standing by for our next exciting project – and we’d love that to be yours! To learn more about Jincy’s professional wallcovering installation services and begin the process of improving the appearance of your home, reach out to us today.