Professional wallpaper installation

Professional Wallpaper Installation

Jincy’s Wallcovering Services’ dedication to professional wallpaper installation and the care that Jincy provides through every step of the process have given her a well-deserved reputation. Jincy is skilled in all manner of wallcovering projects, including:

  • Preparation
  • Installation
  • Removal
  • Repair

When you work with Jincy, you know a true professional wallpaper installer is working to make your home even better.

Wallcovering Projects

Wallcovering projects come in every shape and size, a fact that Jincy knows well. Big or small, she tackles each job with the same amount of professionalism and passion that her clients rightfully deserve. Her high-level craftsmanship and high-quality work speak for themselves. Whether you’re looking for professional wallpaper installation of a single room with highly specific needs or a multitude of rooms, each with their own separate design decor.

45 Years of Experience with Professional Wallpaper Installation Projects

Jincy’s experience with professional wallpaper installation and wallpaper hanging began in 1973 in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Even in the beginning of her career, Jincy showed a talent for professional wallcovering. Jincy easily adapts to new techniques and new types of wallcoverings as they emerged onto the market. Over the years, her dedication, resilience, and passion in making every job the best it can be have put her a cut above the rest.

Working Closely with Every Client

At the onset of a project, Jincy will go over each detail to learn what is expected and how she can make the experience go smoothly and effectively. Jincy has a reputation of not only delivering professional wallpaper installation work but also showing the ability to customize each project based on a client’s needs.

Wallcovering Options

Experience with All Types of Wallcoverings

It’s important that all types of wallcoverings are in a professional’s skill set. Jincy has familiarized herself with every type of classic and modern wallcovering including pearl, bamboo, grasscloth, natural weaves, “green” solutions, mother of pearl, Acaba woods, specialty untrimmed wallcoverings, higher end wallcoverings, and more. Keeping with her desire to always be on the cutting edge of the industry, she is well-versed in digital murals, as well.

Contact Jincy’s Wallcovering Services for Professional  Wallpaper Installation Services

Thanks to her professional wallcovering installation experience and ability to achieve the best results every time,  Jincy has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award several years in a row. These accolades further prove that when you enlist Jincy’s services, you are getting the very best for your home.

Reach out to Jincy’s Wallcovering Services today to begin the process of improving your home with professional wallpaper installation.